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Event Library Unexpected Lunacy Ophelea
January 24, 2006
Unexpected Lunacy

While little is known about the Festival Treants, their affinity for gift giving has overshadowed their mysterious arrival. Now that the Winter Festival is drawing to a close, people have begun to wonder what will become of their generous new friends. Not everyone is curious however, as they already know what effects this time of year have on the spirits of the Treants.....

Event Library Winter Festival Ophelea
December 5, 2005
Winter Festival

Despite the ongoing attacks from the Withered Aegis, the Living Races refuse to allow their spirit to be dominated. As much a show of defiance as a desire to find the silver lining, the Gifted and Non-Gifted alike celebrate the closure of another year, and a fresh start on the new one.

Event Library Retribution Ophelea
November 30, 2005

The re-opening of the Gate of Embers, the return of the Council of Ancients, and the resurgent knowledge of Lairshaping, has brought a long-dead General of the Withered Aegis out into the open! General Reklar Plaguebearer has awakened from a long slumber and has vowed to destroy the dragons of Istaria or anyone who gets in his way!

Event Library Fall Harvest Ophelea
October 25, 2005
Fall Harvest

The Fall Harvest is once again upon us! The people of Istaria gather at the newly built Festival-grounds outside of Dalimond to celebrate a year of relative peace and prosperity. Enjoy the food, masks, candy, costumes and even a few new items to build on your plot of land. Do some trick-or-treating and maybe even take in a ghost story or two... but beware of spooky monsters that may be out to get you!

Event Library Lost Knowledge Ophelea
August 15, 2005
Lost Knowledge

As the Dryads continue their efforts with the Empire to renovate Istaria, rumors are beginning to spread of a Dryad who may be undermining their efforts. Citizens claim she is either working for the Withered Aegis, or has been corrupted by the very powers of Blight she originally swore to fight against. The tension has only increased since she has claimed to have tapped into a source of power that she believes may lead to a powerful piece of long lost knowledge.

Event Library Lesser Aradoth Ophelea
June 14, 2005
Lesser Aradoth

The Empire, consulting with the Dryads, has begun a program to increase the forests in Istaria. A new forest has been grown on the northern half of Lesser Aradoth, while the jungle has expanded significantly on the southern half. This has resulted in an increase in creatures returning to the lands. The Withered Aegis' forces have been driven from the Isle of the Drowned, but have blighted new portions of Lesser Aradoth. The Gifted are again called to war.

Event Library Onslaught Ophelea
April 5, 2005

As the celebration of the Winter Festival winds down, revelers have reported sightings of new tracks and shadowy figures appearing on the outskirts of several towns. Rumors of travelers disappearing from roads and livestock being slaughtered in the night are keeping the townsfolk on edge. A new sense of fear has gripped the Istarian cities and anxiousness is reaching a fevered pitch.

Event Library Ancients Ascend Ophelea
May 20, 2018
Ancients Ascend

Dark spirits fester in the shadows, plotting the destruction of the Prime. Drulkar's champions stand firm and courageous, gathered to face the coming tide. The Gate of Embers lies open; the children of the First Dragon have entered the Rift. The Sleeper has awakened, his words dark and foreboding, a warning and a call for help. All Istaria waits in breathless anticipation, as the dragons march forth to battle.

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