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Live Updates Live Update - Client 407.52 Istaria Community Manager
May 21, 2024
  • Information in the item details window (such as usable by schools, requirements) are now sorted alphabetically.

  • UI windows that don't have any help available won't show the help ? any more on their title bar.

  • Fixed a rare crash involving viewing item details for Blighted items.

  • Fixed UI Scaling causing invisible text in certain windows at certain UI scales.

  • Fixed issue where item details could be too long and be cut off - now they go to the next line as expected.

  • Fixed issue with the target window showing the wrong name or corrupt text.

  • Fixed an issue where resurrected players and some monsters wrongly have "death brackets" ( ) around their visual name.

  • Fixed Istaria forcing itself as the active window repeatedly while starting up - now will only become the active window if the loading splash screen was not clicked away from.

  • Fixed using the chat history to repeat clickable links not working (for example, drag an item to the chat window, send, then use the chat history to send it again).

  • Fixed the text ellipsis "..." appearing in some incorrect places like the notepad window and in the trade window when UI Scaling is enabled.
  • Fixed large structures showing "structure out of range" when right clicking on them even though you are sufficiently close. This mainly affects things like Guild Halls and T5 Lair rooms.
  • Fixed a very rare issue which may result in a crash during game shutdown. This may have prevented changes to the UI made right before the game shut down to be saved for example.

  • Fix for plot tiles not tinting.
  • Update so that only physical damage uses mitigation.
  • Fix for monsters near player not performing aggro.

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