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Blight Updates Blight Client 404.3.0 Istaria Community Manager
March 21, 2021
Gather round everyone, for I have a story to tell you about the old days, yes... Mmm. "Magic", yes, a term you all know and all use, but did you know that's not the original term for the energy you wield for healing and harm? No, there's a much older term, a much more ancient one, in the language of the gods, known as the "Particle". Whenever you see the power of Primal surrounding a mighty Dragon, or the pure glow of the Paladin, what you see before you are Particles, taken from the very fabric of reality around you. According to the lore of old, everywhere in the world has these Particles, in a pool so to speak, and casters draw on this mighty Pool to gain the Particles to feed their magic.

The casters of old however knew of a problem with magic, with Particles - use too much magic in one place, and terrible things happen, magic no longer is visual, the Power cannot be seen, heard or felt, only the result, which was mighty confusing to magi! Confusion however was only the domain of the lesser casters and lesser spells, for the mightiest spells suffered quite differently - imagine the land constantly shaking, flashes and glows surrounding one ad-infinitum, a feeling of reality coming apart at the seams! This is what magic users once had to endure, but not everyone was content to just endure, some attempted to understand this mysterious calamity with reality, and reached out to listen to reality's voice...

... Only to fall to the ground, grasping their heads in agony! Screaming the same strange phrase over and over and over and over again, "EMPTY POOL! EMPTY POOL...!", as if a weight of a thousand voices had filled their minds! When rescued, they lay tired, defeated, mumbling nonsense - "gigabytes... gigabytes of empty pool message"... No one could understand their gibberish, but it was clear they had suffered terribly, and their minds had been filled with a terrible repetition...

Now, I see it on your face, how can you use magic now? Will you suffer the same fate of those who faced this "empty pool"? No! For what I tell you is now a matter of history, for reality itself suddenly mended one day, and no one heard of this pool again, and magic, Particles by the gods, became the dependable companion we knew it really was. No one can be really sure what caused reality to mend, some say it was put together wrongly and corrected itself as nature does, or if some benevolent being intervened, however one thing is for sure, none of us have to suffer at the hands of the "empty pool" ever again.


  • Rewritten the game’s particle effect code, this fixes the bugs where effects would stop working after a while, effects constantly looping (screenshake etc), and the debug log becoming huge with “EMPTY PARTICLE POOL” messages. It’s now safe to turn your spell effects back on!


  • Further stability improvements in unexpected situations.
  • Fixed all known causes of an ability/item/spell hotkey becoming stuck grey and unusable due to an infinite cooldown.
  • Fixed floating text being corrupted after character creation.
  • Fixed issue where quest icons would move incorrectly if the NPC it’s attached to turns their head.
  • Fixed an issue where Welger quest icons were in the wrong place.

Client 403.47.0


  • Added a “Use” option to the Pet window.
  • Overhead quest icons on NPCs will now display based on priority, and use a new icon based on their classification. The color of the overhead icon now indicates the type of quests being offered.
  • Add slider to advanced options to set the default NPC Chat font size.
  • Some items have a simple skill requirement to craft (i.e. 300 min, 300 max) meaning the efficiency bar isn’t helpful, in those situations the efficiency bar will show you how close you are to the required skill instead of either being empty or full.


  • Fixed being unable to trade currency from the Wallet tab of the trade window if the inventory mode is set to List.
  • Fixed situations where holding the ENTER or RETURN keys would auto-close any popups the moment they appeared.
  • Fixed /quit command not working.
  • Fixed quest icon taking longer to display, and remaining visible longer than intended.
  • Fixed several issues with character creation:
    • Fixed the music in character creation not functioning correctly (i.e. not the racial music for the selected race).
    • Fixed strange buzzing sound with effects, such as the birds and steam.
    • Fixed the loading screen disappearing too early before character creation was actually done loading.
    • Fixed the character rotating too fast when using the rotation buttons if the client was experiencing high FPS.
    • Fixed being able to unselect your currently selected race, this is cosmetic issue but is still confusing.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive abilities would appear to load and be active when they really weren’t.
  • Fixed excessive spam when receiving the newly active abilities that are given for some schools.
  • Fixed the terrain textures for some areas being wrong (i.e. Sslanis had lost it’s jungle texture).
  • Fixed shadows rendering too big or too small for some types of monsters (golems, Pratt’s Pond spiders etc).
  • Double click Inventory window -list view column header closes window
  • Fix crash issue with idle NPC
  • Fix issue with shopping list forgetting techniques.
  • Move messages without lookup into debug channel
  • Correct problem with NPC Quest link text formatting
  • Fix crash with Character Window when Ability is NULL

Fixes to Prior Blight Client:

  • Fixed the breath/cast bar being clipped if last time it appeared it was moved offscreen.
  • Fixed the Common tab in the notepad not being able to load.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if an ability is disabled.
  • Fixed garbage text appearing after some greentext messages.

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